We are a solid company
in the renewable energy sector,
with a long history of performance at a national and international level.


Our mission is to encourage the development of the renewable energy industry, whilst protecting the environment.

This is why we offer integral solutions to our clients, planning and promoting photovoltaic solar energy technology.

At HIMIN, we work hard to understand the real needs of each client, adapting our products to the demands of the market. We seek quality, we offer professionalism and we work closely with our customers, to achieve maximum satisfaction.

HIMIN, through the use of its products, intends to use solar energy and hydrogen, inexhaustible energy sources available to all, to produce energy.

Through the installation of electric energy generators, which can be isolated or integrated into the power grid, we perform small, medium and large scale installations at:

We also carry out thermal solar energy installations to produce Domestic Hot Water, making us the number one company due to the quality of our installations.

C/ Gabriel Miró, nº 12
03201 Elche (Alicante) España
Teléfono: +34 966 660 547
Fax: +34 965 462 859


Solar energy is renewable, non-polluting and it comes from an inexhaustible natural source.
By taking advantage of solar energy, we will take care of the planet,
whilst illuminating the future.