We are a solid company
in the renewable energy sector,
with a long history of performance at a national and international level.


At HIMIN, we specialize in the design, engineering and development of projects for roofs and solar farms.

Also, we are official distributors of photovoltaic products, direct from the factory, and we are wholesale importers and exporters of photovoltaic materials.

At HIMIN, we make customer’s satisfaction our enterprise culture, therefore, we are committed to the fulfillment of our projects within the agreed timescale. Whoever hires our services knows that they will be executed by the given date, to the highest quality and at the agreed price. We believe in a friendly, efficient and customized service that provides information and technical advice about our products free of charge. This is a challenge that we face with great enthusiasm, for new renewable energy users.

To carry out our installation services, we count on the support of various partners:

Full customer satisfaction is understood as a short, medium and long-term objective, stretching from before the beginning of the project until well beyond its completion. It is under this premise, that each and every one of our actions are carried out since we understand that a satisfied customer is one that, knowing the results of our work, would undoubtedly hire our services again, as soon as he has a new need.

C/ Gabriel Miró, nº 12
03201 Elche (Alicante) España
Teléfono: +34 966 660 547
Fax: +34 965 462 859

Solar energy is renewable, non-polluting and it comes from an inexhaustible natural source.
By taking advantage of solar energy, we will take care of the planet,
whilst illuminating the future.